Vidna Obmana – Crossing the Trail

Vidna Obmana - Crossing the Trail


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Vidna Obmana – Crossing the Trail
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Projekt Records, 1998

Fans of minimal soundscape tapestries will really want to dig this gem by Dirk Serries, better known as vidnaObmana. “Crossing the Trail” offers a continuous 70-minute farscape of ethereal sound washes, shakers and percussion, journeying through shaded and light territory with nice unfolding minimalism.

It’s a seamless blend of slow curling and delicately sculptured drones and more intense, complex harmonies with a tribal edge, featuring a fascinating interplay of percussion and beats. The outcome is a breathing and shape-shifting mass of rich soundings evoking sacred, hypnotizing as trance-inducing states. Strange beauty and wonder reign on this stunning, captivating ambient journey that embeds a strong visual and adventurous character.

If you like to experience vidna’s dynamic sound worlds parallel to my pure atmospheric outings, the expansive “Crossing the Trail” serves you the very best of both.


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