Vidna Obmana – Echoing Delight

Vidna Obmana - Echoing Delight

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Vidna Obmana – Echoing Delight
CD, Extreme, 1993

For this ambient recording, released on the Australian Extreme label, we have to travel back to the first half of the ’90’s, to 1993 to exact. What still strikes me on “Echoing Delight” until this very day is the trail of tranquil splendour and its breathe of full introspection.

On almost each of the six tracks, silence gently spreads its wings in slow-mo as it reveals its true beauty and awe through slow morphing, velvet textures and carefully molded loops. The use of minimal tribal rhythms (as on e.g. “Crystal Travelling” and the strong 17-minute title track) and rain stick deepens the listening experience even more. These make up a very relaxing and inspiring sonic cocoon in which its most pleasing to dwell and let all daily stress wash away. A more active and rhythmic spiced journey is found on “Narrow Gloom”, while things submerge quietly on the final piece “Glass Splendour”.

So do yourself a favor at home after you’ve called it a day, and immerse in the calming spheres and ambient drift making up the soft glowing “Echoing Delight “.


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