Vidna Obmana – Passage in Beauty

Vidna Obmana - Passage in Beauty

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Vidna Obmana – Passage in Beauty
CD, Decade/Relic, 1991/1995

“Passage in Beauty” is one of the privately released limited edition albums by Dirk Serries (aka vidnaObmana) that saw the light of day at the start of the ’90’s. It saw a physical (remastered) re-release on the same medium in 1995 on the Relic label and in 2013 on Projekt Records, both as part of “The-Trilogy” set.

The 70-minute recording contains tracks composed between June 1990 and February 1991, which all sound like a homage to silence and tranquility, giving voice to Mr Serries lasting fascination of harmonies, layers and movement implemented into a minimal ambient soundscape concept.

Its transparent, overtly sedate and gentle floating atmospherics, created with looping techniques and shaped harmonies, taps delicately into a well of melancholic and reflective moods. Here, longer, expansive and slow cycles of ambience have found their destination, evolving harmonically and gradually without the slightest element of rhythm.

Carefully centered around very minimal, slow paced harmonious structures, the composed excursions of “Passage in Beauty” (as well as the kindred music found on “Shadowing in Sorrow” and “Ending Mirage”) are for anyone looking for emotive textural music which breaths relaxation beyond heart and soul. The fine title track found at the end of the album does testify this most sincere.


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