Vidna Obmana – Revealed by Composed Nature

Vidna Obmana - Revealed by Composed Nature

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Vidna Obmana – Revealed by Composed Nature
LP/CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Hic Sunt Leones, 1990/1993

“Revealed by Composed Nature” is the fifth album released on Stefano Musso’s Hic Sunt Leones label, featuring intimate ambient music of a repetitive, overall soothing nature.

It was initially released on LP in 1990 on Vidna’s own Decade Collection label intended as a sequel to the previous cassette releases, but due to the poor quality of the pressing the composer’s intention to offer particular moods was lost.

Later on, Vidna Obmana, aka Dirk Series, was able to remaster the music and restore the full emotive scope of the carefully synchronized structures of loops and slow morphing ambient compositions, that all evoke a profound sense of remoteness, stillness, and melancholy. I for one think this is great headphone music to calm down, as each track evaporates a range of intrinsic feelings with a natural flow of tranquility.

If you’re a fan of reflective, imaginative, and deep atmospheric electronic musings with a minimal touch, “Revealed by Composed Nature” should be on your list.

In May 2021 the Zoharum label issued a remastered edition of the album with new artwork.


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