Vidna Obmana – The Spiritual Bonding

Vidna Obmana - The Spiritual Bonding

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Vidna Obmana – The Spiritual Bonding
CD, Extreme Records, 1994

As stated in the cd-booklet, the album title highlights the gathering and spiritual communication between the various musicians involved in the outcome: Steve Roach (who also did the production of the whole recording), Djen Ajakan Shean, Alio Die and Robert Rich.

The tribal-organic, deep and darkening ambient music featured on “The Spiritual Bonding” granted Steve and Dirk Serries the space and time to dig deep into themselves and meet the challenge together as they also did on the ambient work-of-art “Well of Souls”. While working together in Steve’s Timeroom studio, Mr Serries was introduced to the breathtaking character, beauty and intrinsic power of the Arizona desert magic, which strengthened the exploration of different nuances they hardly would have achieved on a solo level.

The hypnotic, the spiritual and the slow morphing current of shifting electronic textures and assorted acoustic (rhythmic) instruments encountered on each of the eight pieces is best nourished with a good pair of headphones. This way, one is able to fully experience its flow of ascension and descension (the structure of the pyramid), a process where each composition builds to the next.

As such, “The Spiritual Bonding” offers impressionist, non-melodic ambient works tapping in subterranean and netherworlds beyond.


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