Vidna Obmana – Tremor

Vidna Obmana - Tremor

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Vidna Obmana – Tremor
CD, Relapse Records, 2001

When ambient composer Dirk Serries entered the 2000’s, the music he made as vidnaObmana started to head into new directions.

“Tremor” is the first part of a trilogy inspired by Dante’s poem “Inferno”, featuring a much more tribal/industrial mélange of sounds along minimal techno-tribal rhythms. Sonically, we’re entering a darker, sinister, sometimes even slightly gothic underworld I’d classify as noisy/adventurous with aggressive/harsh undercurrents. The airy flute passages and floating textures finds its counterpart in some heavy modulated, guitar pads and more extreme tonalities.

Despite the quite vidna-orientated echo encountered towards the end of the album, “Tremor” makes a hard, more experimental and daring work with industrial flavors. As such, it expresses the obscure, surreal and macabre, sounding more straightforward and far less smooth and delicate. So if you’re expecting something relaxing, I strongly suggest you skip this one.


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