Vince Clarke – Songs of Silence

Vince Clarke - Songs of Silence

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Vince Clarke – Songs of Silence
CD/Lp/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Mute Records, 2023

It’s time for some more slow, wistful music, this time composed by Vince Clarke who many may know from his time with Depeche Mode and later on a few hit songs with the synth-pop flicks Yazoo and Erasure.

Vince’s debut solo album “Songs of Silence features 10 minimalist instrumentals, darker-shaded, gloomy yet cinematic ambient soundscapes, and drone textures all created in Vince’s home studio with a modular Euro-rack during the Covid lockdown. Clarke states all songs possess a sense of sadness, of things going bad, things crumbling. The synthetic outcome, where each song is based on one note -and maintaining a single key throughout- was enhanced by cello (the heavy atmospheric “The Lamentations Of Jeremiah”), soprano (the haunting “Passage”) and folk (“Blackleg”, “Scarper”) on a few spots.

Reflecting on the mood and feel sensed throughout the album, space, and science fiction though seem clear influences on Mr. Clarke’s nebulous arrangements and sober ambient electronic sound design, all making up a rather intriguing and compelling 43-minute listening experience.

Verdict: between 3 and 3.5 stars.



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