Vincent Gabriel Antonini – Unforeseen

Vincent Gabriel Antonini - Unforeseen

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Vincent Gabriel Antonini – Unforeseen
CD-R, Under The Eave, 2002

Listening to the music on the very atmospheric album “Unforeseen” feels like visual introspection. Mr. Antonini’s sophisticated blend of electronic and acoustic sounds create a very dense atmosphere in which a lot is going on.

Sometimes melancholic and semi-dark in nature, you still remain the feeling that there always will be light at the very end of the tunnel you’re –sort of- going through.

The acoustic intermezzo’s of acoustic guitar and atmospheric lingerings shine more positive, not to forget the flute sounds which incarnate the same inviting flavours as the former music of Robert Rich.

This is dense atmospheric music to feel and absorb in its finest elements, leading to what always will be left: hope.

This disc is highly recommended to experienced ambient fans who like to wander somewhat further off the road…



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