Vir Unis – Aeonian Glow

Vir Unis - Aeonian Glow


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Vir Unis – Aeonian Glow
CD, Greenhouse Music, 2000

“Aeonian Glow” is a second chapter of introspective and inner body music by John Strate-Hootman, aka Vir Unis. The music was created in the seclusion of John’s In the Bubble studio, which at that time existed in the hectic city of New York. As John eluded in an interview, creating this tranquil, highly atmospheric music against the backdrop of city really provided a unique challenge. But as the project evolved, the turmoil of the city noise proved to be highly inspirational as well, compelling him to dive even deeper inside himself to draw more meaningful boundaries of sanctuary.

Although related to the previous album “The Drift Inside”, the pastoral, beatless music “Aeonian Glow” takes the next level, travelling deeper and into the more shadowed and suspended realms of atmospheric music, highlighting the differences in light and dark.

The outcome is a very emotional and personal project portraying an accurate picture of where John was during this time in his life: poised between living in the present moment with the world around and the eternal embrace of the self and its inner world.
Simply another must-have.

P.S. The album was re-released on Atmoworks Aeonian Glow (A New Aeon) in August 2013. This expanded edition, clocking in around an hour and a half, also features an unreleased track from the archives.


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