Vir Unis & James Johnson – Easting

Vir Unis & James Johnson - Easting

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Vir Unis & James Johnson – Easting

“Easting” is another live-in-the-moment piece of long form ambient, featuring deep atmospherics and minimal organic-flavored drift textures. It was made in the heydays when both composers were still at the helm of their label Atmoworks.

The continuous 58-minute outcome is one of tranquility and dreaminess, at first addressing similar aural perspectives and environmental sounds as heard on Eno’s “Ambient 4 (On Land)” while evolving into more fluid, lush yet broadening textural landscapes later on. It’s a hazy, hypnotizing trip with a pleasant grittiness and occasional submerging impact, calming and tickling the senses simultaneously. By all means, “Easting” is a fine candidate to experience with quality headphones.

In 2009, a 24-bit remaster of the original recording was established on the same label, offering a true wide stereo processing.

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