Vir Unis & James Johnson – Perimeter II

Vir Unis & James Johnson - Perimeter II


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Vir Unis & James Johnson – Perimeter II
CD-R, Atmoworks, 2003

Two years after their succesfull double release “Perimeter”, a follow-up to this concept was released as “Perimeter II”. This time it’s a triple cd-r set packed in a dvd-case, of which the music oncemore is an sophisticated mix of fractal groove electronics and atmospherics outings, but overall less hectic.

The outcome is more relaxed and moody, giving room to expansive ambient farscapes with beautiful introspective string pads, floating soundscapes and a whole range of subtle elements swirling round and round in the sound spectrum.

The high-tech edge is still around, which keeps the music in an “active” mode. Especially the excellent non-rhythmic tracks on the third disc are quiet, long form, highly textural. It’s a portal into the timeless, a smooth and immersive drift into the inner landscapes of things.

All in all, “Perimeter II” offers 2,5 hours of contemporary and well-balanced electronic music with numerous futuristic undercurrents and flavours to please the ears.

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