Vir Unis – Primary Space (Early Works Vol. 2)

Vir Unis - Primary Space (Early Works Vol. 2)


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Vir Unis – Primary Space (Early Works Vol. 2)

Following-up on “Dreamers at the Edge of Decaying Light”, this release offers a second batch of early soundscape music by John Strate-Hootman (aka Vir Unis), all made between 1992 and 2000.

The 15 tracks on “Primary Space” all are pure atmospheres and drifting journeys fitting in the tranquil and slow spiralling mood music as featured on “The Drift Inside” and “Aeonian Glow”. There’s some sophisticated layering of textures present on various tracks such as on the liquid-flavoured “A Number of Recombinations”, the smooth ethereal realms of the title piece and “Shadow Drift” or the captivating, deeper waveforms making up “Dissolving at the Singularity”.

Even some darker-shaded, subterranean territory is addressed, like on “Symmetry of the Mirror”, “Cellular Automata” and “Growth of Complexity”. In addition, introspection and melancholy resonate between the soundscapes from time to time, as expressed nicely by “Dreaming of Time”.

All in all, “Primary Space” holds enough nicely crafted ambient spaces to immerse, take-off or make your mind wander over the edge. It’s a record I highly recommended.


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