Vir Unis – Stand still like the Hummingbird

Vir Unis - Stand still like the Hummingbird

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Vir Unis – Stand still like the Hummingbird

The fractal groove creation, sophisticate percussive elements and progressive-atmospheric ambient sound design presented on “Stand still like the Hummingbird” all deliver a new chapter of imaginative, non-melodic sound paintings by John Strate-Hootman.

The minimalist music extends further on earlier sonic excursions such as “Mercury and Plastic” and integrates new sample and looping technologies. The continuous, electro-acoustic outcome features futuristic, tribal and energizing passages that strengthen and support each other while feeding the power-current flowing gently underneath.

To my ears, the emotive/introspective element is best expressed on “The Moon and Tomorrow”, as the abstract high-tech vibe roams far more profound on all other pieces. All electrifying grooviness culminates on the 24-minute title track, where a slight tribal touch and liquidness shines through its minimalist veins occasionally.

Overall, the aural futurism “Stand still like the Hummingbird” is best appreciated with headphones to sense it deeper, captivating and mesmerizing effects.


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