Vir Unis – The Drift Inside

Vir Unis - The Drift Inside


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Vir Unis – The Drift Inside
CD, Greenhouse Music, 1999

This is the second release of the new Minneapolis-based ambient soundscape label Greenhouse Music, made by John Strate-Hootman aka Vir Unis.

Since his fantastic collaborative projects with Steve Roach & MaJaLe, he has become someone to expect a lot from. With this first full length solo excursion Vir Unis has succeeded in producing a musical inward journey that wins on all points.

As the title already suggests, “The Drift Inside” offers a great collection of 70 minutes spacious but also dense ambient soundworlds that have been carefully spatial enhanced by friend & soundmagician Steve Roach.
His shimmering, almost dwelling ambient textures have the ability to capture the listeners in an almost gracious way, I even think it perfect evening & night-music.

All in all, Vir Unis has done very well with this release, making this is a must-have for every ambient-addictive.


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