Void – Avoidance

Void - Avoidance

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Void – Avoidance
CD, VOID Records, 2011

Some might know the music of Void, aka Dutch musician Danyo Romijn, from his recent contribution to the EM-sampler “Dutch Masters”, although he made his first album back in 1997.

The unaccomplished melodic/rhythmic style found on “Avoidance” is much inspired by the big names in the genre. At the same time, it also incorporates a nice bunch of retro sounds and patches, paying honour and respect to the classic electronic music made in Germany along the ’70’s output of Jean Michel Jarre. Danyo’s music is well-tempered and presented in lenghty pieces, featuring some jolly soloing surfacing over driving sequencer patterns and moody pads.

With so much electronic music releases around and to choose from these days, I hope “Avoidance” gets properly noticed somehow, as Danyo did a nice job overall.

Website: www.danyo.nl/void


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