VoLt – A Day without Yesterday

VoLt - A Day without Yesterday

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VoLt – A Day without Yesterday
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2016

The title of this album is an alternative name for the cosmic The Big Bang, while the actual track titles describe aspects of the event, especially when wondering whether there is a Black Hole at the other side of a Big Bang. Both are reflected in the artwork for the cd, featuring an interpretation of a Big Bang on the front of the insert and a Black Hole on the reverse.

The basic tracks for “A Day Without Yesterday” were created in the studio and shaped/complemented during a longer period of time, also implementing the experiences of playing some of it live at an “Awakenings” festival in 2015 and feedback from the audience. Playing the music live has helped Michael Shipway and Steve Smith to refine some of the tracks due to the rapport they have when playing together and enabled them to capture this for this cd, while this also led to the inclusion of tracks and some additional instruments (guitar and bass guitar) on the final piece “Distant Union”. There’s even a portion of progressive rock heard on the latter.

The outcome of four long tracks offers 60 minutes of melodic, sequencer-spiced electronics to which both composers added some of their typical lush soloing occasionally. I though can’t deny “A Day Without Yesterday” feels like a different beast and a rather different cup of tea in the end when compared to VoLt’s work released say a decade or so ago. People change and their music evolves with them, so I feel it hard to judge whether this is for the better or for the worse.

Website: www.groove.nl

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