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VoLt - HjVi


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VoLt – HjVi
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2008

This cd contains the music VoLt played at their concert at Hampshire Jam 6 at Liphook, UK, on October 20th 2007. The disc offers over 76 minutes of music, split in four lengthy tracks.

The 21-minute “Primaeval” kicks off with great sequencing with xylophone-effect and uplifting synth pads to which engaging melodic lines, solo’s and effects are added. Excellent electronics that grab and keep your attention.

“Atavistic” takes the backseat with beautiful piano and warm, swirling soundscapes, shortly after that quiet sequencers kick in with a solo-voice on top. Some great electric guitar comes in around the 11-minute mark and plays along with the electronics, only starting prominent soloing towards the end of the track.

After an introduction of warm, velvet textures, some complex and dynamic spatial sequencing enters the stage on “Signals”.
The lush, up-tempo 14-minute closing track “Extinction” features the most synth soloing over beautiful, multi-layered sequencer patterns.

All in all, this album finds VoLt in excellent spirits, of which the music even surpasses those of their already great previous studio albums.

Website: www.groove.nl

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