VoLt – Nucleosynthesis

VoLt - Nucleosynthesis


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VoLt – Nucleosynthesis
CD, Groove Unlimited, 2007

The duo Michael Shipway and Steve Smith continue their grand tour of accessible and attractive sequencer-based electronic music with “Nucleosynthesis”.

The cd contains three long tracks, on which the typical UK electronic music sound melts with Berliner School inspired sequencing and textures. The music pulsates and flows in the opening track “Explosion”, then flows back to a sort of resting point on the dreamy atmospheres of “Evolution”.

The album reaches a great conclusion when the dynamic sequencings in “Implosion” take off, taking the listener “out there” on a 25 minute dynamic flight through the universe.
It features some great solo’s and choir textures on top of various sequencer beds, which shortly made my mind wander back to the days of Wavestar and Jon Dyson.
Excellent effort, guys!

Note: The “making of” of the album “Nucleosynthesis” can be found in the feature-section on this site.

Website: www.groove.nl

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