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VoLt - Particles


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VoLt – Particles
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2013

Work on “Particles” already started during the process of assembling and finalizing “Circuits”, a VoLt-release that turned out less accessible and much more adventurous in the end. “Particles” however, once again developed and shaped over the internet, takes on an organic, more flowing character. Moreover, it re-invents and re-energizes the VoLt-signature once again.

The original idea for a track sometimes emerged from a sequence, which inspired one of the musicians to add some atmospheric sounds or pads. The new additions were passed back in a file for a lead line or additions to the rhythm etc. to be added later on. This process of swapping files back and forth has become a most satisfying and rewarding work modus for both Steve Smith and Michel Shipway, leading to more progress and less pressure, as both didn’t need to be in the same place at the same time. It allowed them to work on a track at any time, night or day, whenever inspiration stroke, rather than be tied to a schedule based on when they were both available. By working this way, one might think these talented guys would lose some of the spontaneity they had by composing together in ‘live’ studio sessions. But in fact, that is not the case as Michael and Steve tend to record all ideas as they happen, triggering the other to respond.

Meanwhile, as VoLt were to play at Germany’s Electronic Circus festival in September 2012, they worked hard on the tracks “Lepton” and “Fermion” first to make sure they could be played between the older tracks “Circuits” and “Extinction” during that live-set.

The positive comments on the VoLt-performance and the new material eventually made them compose another track (“Boson”) to complete the new full-length release and start studio mixes of all tracks (leaving just enough time for Ron Boots to master the tracks and make the album available for E-Day 2013). And what a nice and dynamic effort it has become.

The whole outcome has more melodic solos, excellent spatial sequencer parts, vintage and contemporary pads and a great sonic flow overall. These all make the vibrant and convincing “Particles” much more exciting, and at the same time more appealing to a wider audience (as was the case with the previous four studio albums.
VoLt is back on track!

Website: www.groove.nl

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