Von Hallgath – Easterfield

Von Hallgath - Easterfield

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Von Hallgath – Easterfield
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Private Release, 2015

von Hallgath is a side project of Jörg Erren and Jochen Schöttler, both members of the fine German quartet Erren-Fleissig-Schöttler-Steffen.

“Easterfield” is a four-track EP with mature, Berlin School-inspired electronic music. At first glance, it takes on a bit more abstract approach on opener “Engine”, later shifting to a moody atmospheric but more up-tempo realm with an accompanying beat-sequencer combo on the 9-minute “Sublimation”. Here, the analogues are really nice at play, which also applies to the minimalist exercise “Night Stretch”. A freestyle flavor shines through on the final piece “Dichotomy”, which I also rate the most adventurous.
Overall, melody only plays a minor role on this 28-minute release.

Website: vonhallgath.bandcamp.com


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