Von Hallgath – Intersection

Von Hallgath - Intersection

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Von Hallgath – Intersection
CD-R EP/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2013

German composers Jörg Erren and Jochen Schöttler founded von Hallgath in Spring 2013 as a side project next to Erren-Fleissig-Schöttler-Steffen for their live and improvised music. The 37-minute “Intersection” features five compositions of well-tempered analogue electronics made with a fine collection of modular racks with only a few Polysix pads thrown in sideways.

All pieces contain massive, gritty, pulsating sounds and sequencers with no significant melody taking them away, straying briefly into abstract/Teutonic territory on “Burnt Wall”. On the final track “Rails”, classic Kraftwerk says hello while the pulsating composition evolves minimalist and hypnotizing. It makes the tastiest part of the release together with “Open Phase” and “Dr Horsten”.
Keep “Intersection” in mind if you like retro-electronics with a twist.

Website: vonhallgath.bandcamp.com


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