Walter Christian Rothe – Alice

Walter Christian Rothe - Alice

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Walter Christian Rothe – Alice
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 1987/2010

This “definitive” edition of “Alice” is again due to the kind help and huge efforts of an electronic music enthusiast and collector from Down Under. Not only did he invest lots of time to sort out the best quality of pieces and the correct track titles, he also extended the orginal work by adding two appropriate tracks to the concept album.

“Alice” could be considered a kind of forgotten work of Mr Rothe. It initially came out on vinyl in 1987, ten years later followed by a cd-release on the IC-label as “The Story of Alice”, which featured four new pieces while strangely enough leaving out three tracks of the original.

The music of “Alice” is a work that combines the orchestral, the melodic and the drama featuring several female singers on six tracks, while also encapsulating distinct elements of Vangelis (“Everything fades into mist”, “Secret Run”) and other contemporary electronic bands from around that time.

The spherical, imaginary side e.g. nicely comes to the surface on “Endless Dream”, “Love at Dawn”, while the beautiful and emotional vocals on “Dream Maker”,“A Coin for a night” or the voice on “Sixty Years later” easily take you away to worlds beyond.
On the other hand, I’m not too sure about the vocals on other pieces though. Musically they sound fine and songlike, but in a way the vocals are a bit distracting from the instrumental magic hidden within them.

At the tail of the album we find the bonuses: “Cape Horn” and the beautiful classic/orchestral “El Tiempo” (a little and evocative symphony in a nutshell, which previously appeared on the “KLEM CD 1” sampler), which both fit nicely in the same sound spectrum.

Sure, “Alice” is a bit different from Walter’s other works, but when you give it some more spins you will learn it will grow on you bit by bit as it starts to glow softly.

The album is available as digital download from MusicZeit, so hopefully many will grab it now as it more or less fell off the radar so long ago.

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