Walter Christian Rothe – One Night in Paris

Walter Christian Rothe - One Night in Paris

“One Night in Paris” is a studio recording made by Walter Christian Rothe back in 1993. This recording, portraying some of the many Parisian landmarks, finds Mr Rothe in good spirits, excelling in offering a melange of lively, emotional and well-composed tracks to please any contemporary listener of electronic music.

Overall, it sees a nice interplay of drums, guitars and a rich and varied assortment of electronics, together creating inviting and imaginative atmospheres. But it also leaves enough room for quiet, sensitive musings with smooth piano, introspective textures or an occasional jazzy interlude.

At times it almost could be film music.
Just listen to the expertly rendered spheres and the thundering rhythms in the second part of “Notre Dame de Paris” or the blasting symphonics of “La Bastille” and you get what I mean. Or turn to the in-your- face hammering sequencing and up-tempo rhythms of “Salut, Jean-Michel” (Hi! Mr Jarre), another highlight found on this release next to the delicate musings of the intimate “Les Enfants”.

All in all, “One Night in Paris” is a 72-minute work which is best nourished and appreciated in one go to grab its full impact.
The album is available through MusicZeit as mp3 and flac download.

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