Walter Christian Rothe – Secrets

Walter Christian Rothe – Secrets

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Walter Christian Rothe – Secrets
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2019

“Secrets” (a concept album with melodic drama from his time as a composer) offers music from the back catalogue of talented Belgium synthesist Walter Christian Rothe, sonically connecting with some of the emotive and harmonious outcome heard on “Let the night last for ever” and “Alice”. It spans over 20 years of intense composing, thinking and experimenting with chords and melody straight from the heart, occasionally with a distinct cinematic and/or narrative vibe.

Next to new, unreleased tracks the album also contains a couple of pieces from the notable 1993-album “One Night in Paris” (which once surfaced briefly on Music Zeit as a download-only release) including the beauties “Jeanne D’Arc”, “Salut Jean-Michel” and “Souvenir de Paris”. As such there’s a lot to like on this varied retro Rothe style album which flows rather nicely from start to finish.


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