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Wassonic - Wassonic

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Wassonic – Wassonic
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Disappearing Music, 2011

Fans of soundscape ambient might already know the music by Canadian composer Terry O’Brien, aka Anomalous Disturbances. For the collaborative project “Wassonic”, Terry has joined forces with his old friend Matthew Poulakakis, who is a fellow performer at Toronto’s The Ambient Ping next to being the musician behind project such as Salvagesound, Meota and Automatic Fats.

Using synths, processed guitars, treatments, and field recordings, the duo has come up with an imaginary outcome they’d like to define as “Lost World” music: its whole point is about feeling and perceiving the experience along the travel into other states of reality.

“Wassonic” contains three long-form tracks riding the edge, all creating a dense and dark-oriented but not unpleasant atmosphere. “Factory Florist” and “Tree Frog Poison” both create a certain exotic but also also active tribal mood, a kind of nightshade music blending lush textural scapes, shifting sequences and tribal-kindred percussion in a slightly minimalist, cosmic underground style. A hypnotic, more mellow feel surfaces on the spacious but still quite mysterious sonic currents of the 16-minute “Tree Frog Poison”.

The non-rhythmic textures and loops of the final ambient piece “Signalfish” smoothly immerse into a soft-shimmering aquatic environment, gently diving underneath the waves to occasional trance-inducing effect. I personnaly feel this is the best piece on the disc, sounding more open and very relaxing.

“Wassonic” is a kind of subterranean ambient also connecting to the water element, all together making an interesting listen.

Website: www.facebook.com/pages/Wassonic


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