Waterbone – Tibet

Waterbone - Tibet

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Waterbone – Tibet
CD, IntentCity Records, 2003

Waterbone is a music project by producers/musicians Jimmy Waldo and D. Kendall Jones, who travelled all the way to Tibet to score a variety of raw source material.

On “Tibet” (which is actually a re-release from an album from 1997)they combine them with worldbeat/trip hop dance grooves and hypnotizing rhythms. Well, the outcome strongly echoes the music of Synaesthesia, Deep Forest, Enigma and alike.
The various up-tempo tracks feature dreamy, sensual choral vocals, making up a nice and accessible album which will please a wide audience.

On the other hand, I feel it quite inappropriate the band takes disadvantage of the beautiful impact of the Tibetan culture and their significance by fusing original elements with rather uninspired straightforward Western electronica.
But that will just be me…



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