Wave Walkers – Kronos21

Wave Walkers - Kronos21


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Wave Walkers – Kronos21
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2021

Wave Walkers is a newcomer from Belgium. It’s a collaborative effort of Jurgen Vitrier and Germain Ghys who express their love and enthusiasm for the sound of classic ‘80s Tangerine Dream “with the aim to catch its spirit without copying”.

Well, they do so with two long tracks of 27 and 30 minutes each where a vibrant and versatile sonic kaleidoscope of catchy sequencers, warm synth pads, vibrant solo voices, and assorted rhythms passes by. I think it is a big achievement Jurgen and Germain have been able to meld all these elements seamlessly into a cohesive long-form whole. This said, I’m caught especially by the sounds of the PPG’s, which made my mind wander back to the music of Rob Essers, Danger in Dream, and of course the solo and collaborative endeavors of Johannes Schmoelling. These guys know what they are doing and know how to pair it with a fantastic mix and mastering. It all makes “Kronos 2” an admirable and highly recommended release.

Website: wavewalkers.bandcamp.com

End 2021 I interviewed both members. Learn more about how they came to be “Celebrating the evocative sound of ’80s Tangerine Dream“.

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