Wave World – Cloudseeder

Wave World - Cloudseeder

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Wave World – Cloudseeder
CD, VFR Records, 2003

“Cloudseeder” is a double album by the Dutch trio Gert van Santen, Harry Kessels and graphics designer Rolf van Slooten.
It’s a pity it isn’t graced with such a beautiful out-of-this world-
cd cover as their previous albums “Species”, “Structures” or “Dimensions”.

The first cd contains two previous released studio tracks (“Cloudseeder” and “Psycho Eggs”), to which two long live tracks have been added. The latter were recorded in 2001 during their performance at the Star’s End radio show.
The outcome sounds disappointing to my ears, as it seems the band completely lost the musical tread, that is what I experience hearing the extended strings of seeking and experimental sonics.
Beside a lack of structure and form, the outcome is a mixed bag of industrial sounds and experiments.
You can’t make head or tail of it. No, there’s nothing attractive or compelling to be found here (terms I always felt a trademark of their music).

The second cd presents a new track, the one-hour ambient symphony “Nebulae” which makes things even worse: this sonic excursion totally lacks direction, using bland sounds, superficial effects and irritating experimental-oriented rhythms.
The closing track “Echoes” doesn’t add anything either.

It seems Wave World lost itself this time in a process of being modern, creative and focussing on new, contemporary music.
In the meanwhile, they totally lost sight on real content and the sonic context and heritage of their previous works.
I recall longingly the days of “Species” of “Structures”.

Website: www.facebook.com/WaveWorldUniverse

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