Wave World – Hieroglyphs

Wave World - Hieroglyphs

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Wave World – Hieroglyphs
CD, Virtual Factory Records, 2011

After a five-year period of silence, the Dutch multimedia project Wave World resurfaced in the fall of 2011 with two new albums, “Hieroglyphs” being one the them.

The cd offers seven highly cinematic compositions, accompanied by many strange and insect sound effects expanding the visual experience. The sound design still bears the Wave World trademark from previous recordings: it’s spacious, mystic, melodic and quite oriental-inspired, merging sequenced patterns with lush sound paintings that sometimes refer back to classic electronic music. Even the theremin shortly shows up again.

The title track, split in three parts, is scattered over the 77-minute album without disturbing the cohesiveness of the release. Compared to the other tracks, part 1 is more lively, containing several breaks along more upfront sequencing, percussion and solos. Part 2 on the other hand heads into classic territory with nice violins and other string sections. Beside the many minimal stylings found on the album, I’m also fond of the pleasant high-tech flavour running underneath it all, especially notable on the cosmic sounding “Nanowasp DNA”.

All in all, “Hieroglyphs” makes a worthy addition to the already existing Wave World releases. Nice going, guys!

Website: www.facebook.com/WaveWorldUniverse

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