Wave World – Tableaux

Wave World - Tableaux

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Wave World – Tableaux
CD, VFR Records, 2011

At the same time as their album “Hieroglyphs” came out, the Dutch trio Wave World also released “Tableaux”. The latter contains 15 single tracks composed exclusively for the art exhibition held by visual artist Pbalris (aka Wave World member Gert van Santen) in early 2011.

Beside the fact that the music of “Tableaux” is in profound ambient mode and occasionally contains swirling soft-noise textures, it overall sounds less consistent and catchy to my ears despite its dreamy and imaginary approach. While e.g. “The Web is Spun..” is strange and psychedelic, the flowing and elevating “Watcher of the Skies” along “Saying Prayers” are much more up to the quality standard I’m accustomed to from Wave World.

The latter also applies to the ambient version of the 10-minute “Nanowasp” (also found on the “Hieroglyphs” release) along the quiet musings of “If I could travel through time” and “Waters from the Waters”. The second half of the album is also more expressive/spherical in my opinion.

All in all, the 79-minute “Tableaux” is ambient/chill-out that (according to the band’s statement) comes closest in style to “Species”. For me though, it’s no match to that one, but remains quite an interesting effort nonetheless.

Website: www.facebook.com/WaveWorldUniverse

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