Wave World – The Winds of Laax

Wave World - The Winds of Laax

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Wave World – The Winds of Laax
CD, VFR Records, 2005

I must confess I absolutely enjoyed the first three albums of this remarkable band, but after that I got rather confused by the direction of their music, which appeared not to be that mind thrilling and visual at all when compared to their first output.

First of all, “The Winds of Laax” doesn’t offer all that new music, as it features a 15minute track which was formerly released on the Sequences anniversary cd, and another piece which came out last year on the “Schrittmacher” sampler album.

The 30 minute title-track opens the album, which 100% returns the days of the aforementioned three cds: grand, highly cinematic and atmospheric ambient which must be stunning when accompanied by their futuristic visuals. Between the 20 till 27 minute mark things lead to a beautiful climax with complex layered textures, fx’s, sequences and rhythms.
Nevertheless, things turn out jazzy in the next track “Guardians of the Skies”, featuring double bass & brushes.

The remaining two new tracks on the album are rather short and unfortunately unable to revive the grandeur and atmosphere of the title track.
So buying this album only for the title track might boggle a fan’s mind.

Website: www.facebook.com/WaveWorldUniverse

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