Wavestar II – Nightwinds

Wavestar II - Nightwinds


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Wavestar II – Nightwinds
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2018

Wavestar II sees John Dyson accompanied by accomplished composers and studio-technicians Paul Ward and Stephen Whitlan continuing the sonic quest where Wavestar left us many years ago.

“Nightwinds” contains 78 minutes of warm, melodic and accessible electronic music John Dyson had been working on for long (but never was able to finish properly) with some of JD’s fine e-guitar work and solos here and there, “Track of Time” being a very fine example. “The Velocity of Time” following next is another pinnacle which sees Mr Dyson’s execute various triumphant, interlocking solos recalling the hay days of good old Wavestar. “Reprise” (dedicated to John’s deceased partner Jack) starts out with intro of Wavestar’s classic track “U.F.O.”, then evolving into majestic, symphonic sphere and farscapes with cinematic hints.

The album concludes with the 22-minute epic title track beginning with slow building synth textures and gentle guitar playing laying down a smooth blanket of warm atmospheres in the first half. The next 5-6 minutes features grand orchestral drama before the trio returns back to the starting point building a lovely celebratory-symphonic finale of the theme again including rapid sequencing and John’s enthusiast and signature soloing.

Both Wavestar II and “Nightwinds” make a strong and appealing statement. I, and I’m sure many with me, would love to see this and more performed live sometime…Last but not least, thanks so much guys for resurrecting Wavestar.



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