William Linton – Traveler’s Tales

William Linton - Traveler's Tales

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William Linton – Traveler’s Tales
CD-R, Private Release, 1986/2002

“Traveler’s Tales” should be the first cd of William Linton, if I’m well informed.
It carries the subtitle “music for inner travel”, which aptly describes what Mr Linton is trying to establish with the 40 minutes of classic floating space music contained on this disc.

The title track is a suite-kindred piece, an oasis of peace in which only occasionally a light sequencer line shows up.
The following five tracks continue in the same manner, creating very nice textural sound tapestries.

This album would be a nice companion during a planetarium show as constellations of stars slowly drift by.
Small minor points are the sound, could have been a bit warmer, which also goes for the overall production.

Website: www.emeraldcastlemusic.com


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