William Linton – Wayfarer

William Linton - Wayfarer

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William Linton – Wayfarer
CD-R, Space for Music , 2000

Here’s another (again short) album of lush ambient/space music by William Linton who once more invites his listeners on a journey through imaginary and impressionistic musical landscapes.

Sonically, things are kept simple on “Wayfarer” with an occasional sparkle, while creating a comfortable atmospheric/new-age state. Just take pieces like the twofold title track, or the (even better) “The Private Sea” which makes a gentle, soft floater to slow down.
It’s a pity though the abstract and surreal approach on the first half of “Strange Tales” makes this evaporate completely. Fortunately, the short tracks “Rain” (carrying a slight Patrick O’Hearn feel) and “Lorien” end the album in a fresh and moody fashion.

As far as I know, “Wayfarer” was the last electronic release by the composer, who would focus on solo piano music after this one.

Website: www.emeraldcastlemusic.com


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