Wintherstormer – D.E.S.H.

Wintherstormer - D.E.S.H.

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Wintherstormer – D.E.S.H.
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Pakusch Project Records, 2018

Since its birth, Terje Winther’s sonic endeavour Wintherstormer stands for none-conventional, totally improvised sequencer-based Berlin School-infused music. Besides a challenging and most peculiar approach, its soundings are also edgier, highly adventurous and overtly rough.

The album’s title “D.E.S.H.”, an acronym for diatonic elaboration of static harmony, actually gives a hint on the diversity with which the band treats the harmonic element around the sequencer patterns. This is best translated as symphonic-angled and organic polyphonic while venturing far beyond the mainstream two-chord minor concept or anything song-based dressed with some solos.

Same as the bands previous four recordings, the 53-minute/four-track outcome is a rather tough listen despite its progressive electronic-rock touch. The opening (title) piece proves the most mainstream, while the two shorter tracks following next are harder to crack. This also applies to the midsection and the loud progrock part of the last track. Keep this in mind when you decide to dig this recording.


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