Wintherstormer – Electric Fairytales

Wintherstormer - Electric Fairytales

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Wintherstormer – Electric Fairytales
CD, Bajkal Records, 2008

The Norwegian quartet Wintherstormer, playing analogue instruments only, recorded the “live-in-studio” music of “Electric Fairytales” in front of an audience.

Although retro in vein, their improvised output always continued to contain a rough, surprising and unconventional edge, which is again the case here.

The four lengthy pieces on this 77-minute album seem a bit more melodic and structured compared to their previous recordings, on which psychedelic, space-out and prog themes match with vintage sequencing, guitar solo’s and drums/percussion.

Personally, I was pleasantly surprised by the quiet, harmonious and accessible soundings of the second piece “For the love of all things electronic”.

Still, it’s not an easy kind of vintage electronic music, but maybe suitable for those having adventurous ears or those who love the music of Node, but then with a firm twist.


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