Wintherstormer – Ground Connection

Wintherstormer - Ground Connection

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Wintherstormer – Ground Connection
CD, Bajkal Records, 2011

For me, expect the weird and unexpected has always been the case when I encountered a recording of the Norwegian quartet Wintherstormer, led by Terje Winther and Erik Stormer. The music on their fourth release “Ground Connection” is no exception on that with is mixed bowl of analogue synths, sequencers, e-guitar and drums.

Still based on pure improvisation, the band’s output remains psychedelic, untamed, and experimental although there’s some more structure and melody found on “Summer Breeze II” next to a progressive rock element.
The 14-minute “Connection Lost” is a harsh, bold and profound abstract/experimental piece and very hard to listen to, while the 4-minute “Beneath the Roots of all things” appears to be the most accessible piece on the album with a simple melodic line, lead guitar and catchy drums. The 25-minute title track nicely rounds out the album and slowly morphs on in textural, subdued minimalism in the first part with a bit of movement showing up just after the 16-minute mark.

All in all, just forget about “Connection Lost” and one will find out “Ground Connection” has its own strange but interesting characteristics in progressive vintage electronics worth hearing.


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