Wintherstormer – Woodwork

Wintherstormer - Woodwork

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Wintherstormer – Woodwork
CD, Bajkal Records, 2007

I hope lots of you will remember this Norwegian’s band’s extraordinary performance on E-Live 2006, which clearly showed what can be achieved through improvisation using analogue gear. “Woodstock”, featuring four tracks created on the same basis, is a hard-edged journey of not that accessible vintage music. The word “smooth” isn’t appropriate here, nor is the outcome predictable. It’s more sequenced vintage turbulence taking place with lots of weird fx’s, of which parts of “Musical equitation extracted from firelogs” could well act as film music. This analogue “live” music is delving deep, let there be no doubt about that, absolutely demanding both experienced ears and an open mind towards electronic music. The overall producing and sound quality is very well done. Soundbites are available on their website.


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