Within Reason – Farshadow

Within Reason - Farshadow

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Within Reason – Farshadow
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Periphery/Anodize, 2014

“Farshadow” will be last release for Gregory Kyruluk in 2014 after quite a list of releases under his monikers Within Reason or Alpha Wave Movement in recent times.

His sonic journey into instrumental dub-techno ambient on “Farshadow” again proves another moody, atmospheric affair wrapped in slow motion mode. Once more, the minimalist style combined with lush soundscape textures, occasional retro-ish pads (“Port of Call”) and beats take the slow lane as properly dozed sequencing, bassy grooves and melodic elements nicely bridge the categorical expanse between emotive texture and gravitational motion.

Simply break away from it all by putting on your headphones and start emptying your head with these six fine constructed chill-out tunes.

Website: www.hrresonance.blogspot.nl

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