Within Reason – Substrate: Collected Elements

Within Reason - Substrate: Collected Elements

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Within Reason – Substrate: Collected Elements
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Harmonic Resonance Recordings, 2013

In his press-notes, US-composer Gregory Kyryluk (aka Within Reason) refers to “Substrate: Collected Elements” as a body of collected Within Reason tracks created prior to “Subtle Shift” and in-between “Transient Broadcasts”.

In my opinion, the seven tracks on the release once more reveal and emphasize the versatile, mature nature of this project, which keeps on transforming, fascinating and surprising track after track. Mr Kyryluks vibrant ambient-dub electronics with some down-tempo sidesteps releases quite some energy as it unfolds in a smooth, unhurried manner.

The 10-minute “Innerspatial” is an extraordinary sonic excursion, lush bouncing and floating in its own space. The recording ends with the uplifting/easy-going down-tempo piece “Malibar Bay”, one of the first proto-type Within Reason tracks when the project was set into motion a few years back.

“Substrate: Collected Elements” is available as digital download in various audio formats next to a limited micro run of 25 cd-r’s.

Website: www.hrresonance.blogspot.nl

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