Within Reason – Subtle Shift

Within Reason - Subtle Shift


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Within Reason – Subtle Shift
CD-R, Periphery, 2012

Within Reason is a most interesting side-project by skilled synthesist Gregory Kyryluk (known as Alpha Wave Movement and one half of Thought Guild) that focusses on spacy dub-electro.

The excellently produced outcome consist of eight tracks and is overall lush with lots of groovy undercurrents, carrying a smooth pulse and wavering sense of movement throughout. The dreamy, chill-out and gently embracing feel embedded in the music has a most mesmerizing and satisfying effect. Now and then it made me think of the music by Mon0 and Yagya, but its “comfort zone” is very cool in its own style and form, not forgetting about the fine ear for detail and proper mastering. Besides that, a fine track like “Liquid Language” could easily be part of a movie score.

All in all, “Suble Shift” is a beautiful and well-crafted release that deserves both thumbs up. Unfortunately, the latter will surely mean the very limited edition cd-r release will be gone by now.

Website: www.hrresonance.blogspot.nl

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