Wolfgang Bock – Cycles

Wolfgang Bock - Cycles


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Wolfgang Bock – Cycles
LP/CD, Telefunken/MIG, 1980/2022

It must be at least 15 years ago when I started my own -quite lengthy search- for the master tapes of “Cycles”, leading to the disappointing outcome they could not be tracked down in the music vaults of Universal Music in two different countries.

Fast forward to the end of March 2022 when the release made it onto cd in remastered form for the first time, over 40 years later after its initial release. This of course puzzled me. After careful investigation of the audio, I ran into various traces of vinyl rip restoration, but overall the label has done a good job as they bumped up the volume to 0db to make the music sound louder.

Well, German musician Wolfgang Bock (who later changed his last name to von Pappritz, but who actually seems to be Peter Flieger) is one of the musical followers of Klaus Schulze, whose album “Cycles” -although not a masterpiece in any sense- is regarded classic EM-album since it was released.

The energetic album -produced by Klaus Schulze- has a strong retro sound, and overall sounds quite reminiscent of what Schulze was doing in the middle and end of the ’70s. The 18-minute cosmic-sounding title track (split into three uninterrupted pieces) for example is much in the vein of Schulze’s track “Mindphaser” and pure Berlin School sound, including the fat Moog, spacious choir sounds, powerful sequencing, and some great drums with some joyful soloing on top. After that, the vintage music continues with organ sounds, drums Moog-solos, and sequencers but never reaches the same quality as heard on the epic first track. The MIG release contains a bonus track from 1982 (“Wir fliegen ins All”) musically not fitting to the previous so they better had left that out.

All in all, “Cycles” is recommended to fans of ’70s sequencer music and traditional Berlin School.

Website: www.mig-music.de


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