Wolfgang Bock – Mintaka

Wolfgang Bock - Mintaka

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Wolfgang Bock – Mintaka

This fall and to my astonishment, I found out that this German composer -who now seems to reside in Spain- had released another album -some 23 years after the classic “Cycles”. Musically, the only 40-minute, almost quiet release features nine tracks with gentle melodic lines. “The breath of Aurelia”, “Passing Orion”, “Calling for” and the title piece hinting clearly into the direction of light-orchestrated space music. Compared to that, “Gongroad”, as well as the rhythmic-driven “Moody Science” and the Berlin School-flavoured “Grains of Tomorrow” appear rather bland, superficial to my ears, and are out of place here. In addition, the final track is cut off abruptly.

Overall, this is average mood music missing too much content to become interesting.

Website: www.mig-music.de



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