Wolfgang Düren – Eyeless Dreams

Wolfgang Düren - Eyeless Dreams

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Wolfgang Düren – Eyeless Dreams
Lp/CD, WPL Records/MIG, 1980/2022

Most people might know Wolfgang Düren as the chairman of Waldorf Music. Before founding that company he collaborated with Wolfgang Palm (the man behind PPG) and distributed his synths in the late seventies till the fall of PPG in the mid-’80s. At the end of the ‘70-s Mr. Düren would become a roadie and sequencer programmer for Tangerine Dream for a short period of time. Later on, Wolfgang was in charge of distributing the synths of Waldorf, Access, and Novation with his company TSI. While he was distributing or later in control of building synths, he also started making electronic music.

The outcome became “Eyeless Dreams” along with a 7″ single featuring the main title as well as an unreleased track on the B-side. Following up on the album’s release, Wolfgang did a small concert tour in Germany and abroad. A memorable one took place in Amsterdam’s Paradiso in 1983, of which an audience recording of poor quality seems to exist.

Wolfgang Düren’s 1980-vinyl classic “Eyeless Dreams” initially appeared in 2 dissimilar editions with slightly different back sleeves, the original featured an image of the musician.

After many challenges and efforts, its music featuring fast synchronized sequences, melodic lead lines, and various digital abstract chord progressions finally made it into the digital domain. A special note to the album´s closing track ‘Eyeless Dream 2’; it contains Bettina Weber’s spoken German text over an assortment of typical PPG sounds and chords. As a special bonus to this 42-year-old release are the tracks of the hard-to-find 7” single: a different mix of “Eyeless Dreams” than the Lp as well as a boppy B-side featuring the unique track “Electric Fun”.

Another interesting artifact is “Eyeless Dream I” which was sampled in 2013 for Eminem’s track “Evil Twin”.


Website: www.mig-music.de



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