Wolfskin feat. Last Industrial Estate – Stonegates of Silence

Wolfskin feat. Last Industrial Estate - Stonegates of Silence

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Wolfskin feat. Last Industrial Estate – Stonegates of Silence
CD, Malignant Records, 2010

The US-based Malignant label has occasionally been sending me some of their heavy, dark ambient releases for quite a while now, to which the arrival of the menacing and creepy sounding “Stonegates of Silence” adds an atonal and intense desolate dimension.
This recording is appropriate listening for all the weirdo´s among us who like to torment themselves with dark voyages through the “hidden fortresses” of our mind.

Wolfskin is actually Portugese musician Johan Aernus, who asked Anders Peterson aka Last Industrial Estate to join him on his final nightmare excursion under the Wolfskin moniker. Seeking to reach some kind of archaic consciousness, Mr Aernus sees Wolfskin as a diary, a collection of images, moods and emotions from these explorations.

Well, “Stonegates of Silence” is a sonic walk across the final frontiers of human existence, confronting the listener with five mind-delusional compositions of shapeless horror, oppressive subterranean heaviness dealing with extreme solitude, death and possibly even insanity.
It´s dark ambient shock music in slow motion to scare the hell out of you.

“Happy” listening while descending into the foggy caverns of doom, dead and hell while there´s something constantly lurking in the dark…

Website: www.myspace.com/wolfskinmusic


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