Xolotl – Procession

Xolotl - Procession


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Xolotl – Procession
CD, Erdenklang, 1982/1993

This classic album by the German Erdenklang-label is a re-release of the Bernhard Xolotl album that originally came out back in 1982. For this occasion, the 18-minute bonus track “Saturn Return” was added.

“Procession” celebrates the harmonious fusion of violin and viola (played by the international acknowledged Daniel Kobialka) and the serene, heavenly and uplifting electronic textures of French musician Xolotl.

The outcome is of an overall tranquil, spacious and sometimes even romantic nature as the tapestries of melodic cosmic music delicately unfold. Personally, the sections without Kobialka’s lyrical contribution have my preference.

In the booklet, Xolotl states the reminiscent sounding bonus track “Saturn Return” –being part of a Xolotl special on Radio Bremen- was played at least once on cultural/national radio programs worldwide.

Those looking for serene, valvenized electronic soundscapes with haunting impact, look no further.

Website: bernardxolotl.bandcamp.com


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