Yagya – Old Dreams and Memories

Yagya - Old Dreams and Memories

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Yagya – Old Dreams and Memories
CD/LP/Digital Download, Small Plastic Animals, 2020

This album sees Reykjavik-based composer Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson redefining his own sound, continuing his quest in exploring new sonic pathways that he already started on his previous effort “Stormur”.

Subtle moving away from the icy dub techno sound, “Old Dreams and memories” follows the road taken on “Stars and Dust” and “Sleepygirls”. It still features evocative layers of melody and mesmerizing bass lines along that fine trail of mystery slumbering beneath the evocative sound design as well as propulsive rhythms underpinning each track. This time these rhythms make only a small part of the overall sound: some of the ten racks contain vocals and poems, assorted instrumental elements next to mesmerising nature sounds and some saxophone. The latter appears on the somewhat hasher, psychedelic sounding “Wandering in the Fog”.

Overall, “Old Dreams and Memories” -released on Yagya’s own Small Plastic Animals imprint- creates a loungy, often melancholic-perfumed set of spheres that feel like a warm bath to comfort mind, body and soul.


Website: http://yagya.bandcamp.com

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