Yagya – Rhythm of Snow

Yagya - Rhythm of Snow

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Yagya – Rhythm of Snow
CD, Force Inc. Music Works, 2002

The creative mind behind Yagya is Islandic producer Aalsteinn Gumundsson. His debut release “Rhythm of Snow” is a 78-minute deep house/ambient kaleidoscope. It reflects the ice cold stellar beauty found in the Scandinavian, Islandic and the Arctic region.

With such a description, one might easily think of e.g. the “frozen” sonic creations of Biosphere, but the ten atmospheric “parts” don’t sound cold nor sterile as they smoothly realm in a deep comfort zone.

Next to the elegant hiss of white noise, the outcome is slow but steady morphing music in which things are kept simple and subtle while offering a good eye for detail. Its soft, spacious and overall minimal sonic canvas incorporates natural ambient sounds, crispy effects, textures and lush, hypnotizing beats along some profound bass lines. Things even evolve into a nice melodic exercise on “Snowflake 6”.

Listening to “Rhythm of Snow” feels like putting on a warm jacket while its mesmerizing music puts the listener in a dreamlike, relaxed and immersive state.
If you’re looking for quality mood music in the genre, be sure to check this one out.

Website: www.yagya.is

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