Yagya – Rigning

Yagya - Rigning


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Yagya – Rigning
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Sending Orbs, 2009

Like the previous two releases, it will be most difficult to track down a physical copy of Yagya’s third album “Rigning” (Icelandic for “raining”), although it’s still digitally available through the label’s own official download site E-Orbs.

Nonetheless, the smooth dub/techno ambient making up this recording is a very nice thumbs-up, offering a dreamy, sensitive and emotional sonic ride throughout.

Yagya, aka Aalstein Gumundsson, sophisticately implements some great atmospherics and natural sounds (such as rain and thunder) in his spacious, gentle textures along some slow and deliberate beats to accompanying them. It simply breaths its contemplative, soft mourning and relaxing magic beautifully.

“Rigning” is yet another high-quality album of dub techno/chilltronica one shouldn’t miss out on.

Website: www.yagya.is

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