Yagya – The Inescapable Decay Of My Heart

Yagya - The Inescapable Decay Of My Heart

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Yagya – The Inescapable Decay Of My Heart
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Kilk Records, 2012

It came as a bit of a surprise to find out accomplished Icelandic dub techno and ambient producer Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson (aka Yagya) hereby presents a record with upfront vocals, as all his previous recordings offered exquisite ambient-techno pieces with none of these.

Fortunately, “The Inescapable Decay of My Heart” contains an extra disc with all the instrumental versions in all its purity. The downside though is the instrumental outcome of the verse-chorus structures pieces by far is not as intrinsic as before nor does it grab/keep the listener’s attention the way I was accustomed to (which is understandable with the knowledge Yagya never initially intended the music to be heard as an instrumental record at all).

Then again, the merge of minimal dub, basic channel and ambient techno including the vocals offers a sense of lightness and dreaminess, while the poppy/groovy hooks thrown in really make things starting to glow a bit.
By playing the record a couple of times, the outcome reminds of “Will I Dream during the Process?” and “Rigning”, the latter applying especially to the instrumental disc of this recording.

Website: www.yagya.is

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